Prizes, gifts and rewards. We are experts in them. From the smallest in-house marketing team to advertising or PR agencies, we have what you need. eGift Cards can be perfect for prizes and promotions and large quantities can be bought from us for a discount.

Promotional items are our forte. With such a huge range of items on offer, there is something for every budget and every promotion.

  • Need 5,000 pairs of Havaianas quick for an opportunistic promotion? We’ve done it!
  • Want a customised safe with your brand on it for 500 customers? We’ve done that too!
  • How about custom built TVs with a transparent back cover? No problem for the expert sourcing team at

Just because we don’t stock it doesn’t mean we can’t get it!

Huge Choice
Choose from thousands of the latest products.

eGift Cards
The perfect gift or reward for customers and staff.

Customised Products
We can even custom build products for your exact needs.

Bulk Orders
If you’re looking for a bulk order at a special price, Kogan for Business has you covered..

Rewards Scheme
Kogan for Business can develop a reward scheme with proven results, tailoring the specifics to work for you, your customers and your staff.

Ideas & Advice
The dedicated Kogan for Business team can use our products and expertise to help you get the best possible solutions for your business.

Contact us now to find out more about what we can do for you, contact us today.