The key ingredients of a successful rewards scheme are about offering something that your customers or staff genuinely want, coupled with simple administration and accurate operation.

Tailored schemes

Rest easy, Kogan for Business is here to help. Let us help you create a tailored reward scheme that works. Our expert team have years of experience in making this process as simple and as straight forward as possible for everyone.

Let us handle the hassle

We will handle all the hassle from setup to delivery. Together, we can find a way to run a rewards scheme that is going to work best for you. With so many products to choose from, plus gift cards giving endless options, you are in complete control while still having all the assistance you need. We are here to make this work for you.


Customer reward schemes

  • Prize giveaway promotions

  • Gifts with purchase

  • One-off new customer incentive

  • Loyalty programmes

  • Time limited promotions

  • Returning customer incentive



Employee reward schemes

  • Holiday bonuses

  • Sales target incentives

  • Online reward schemes

  • Dedicated service awards

  • Staff incentives

  • Productivity awards

Different ways to reward staff and customers

From a short-term incentive that offers a one-off prize of a gift card, voucher, or chosen product from to something more long term like a gift card scheme tailored to your own business requirements, Kogan for Business has the answer you're looking for.

We'll simplify the whole process for you

Are you too busy to handle the stock control and budgeting that a good reward scheme requires? We're here to simplify the whole process. We can deliver direct to your customer or staff member–you don’t need to hold stock or get bogged down with dispatch administration. It’s that easy. Talk to your Kogan for Business expert today and we guarantee that we can find a rewards scheme that's going to fit in with you and your business.