At Kogan for Business, we understand the importance of keeping employees engaged, particularly if working away from home.


Fast, flexible, friendly help when you need it


Imagine this scenario–due to a storm, there is mass failure of all the entertainment systems in mining accommodation, 2,000 kilometres from the nearest city. You need help and you need it fast, to avoid employee unrest or even a strike!

That’s where our dedicated Kogan for Business team can step in and save the day. With instant access to all of the vast range of products, and fast online order processing, we can help you no matter where you’re located.

This is not an imaginary scenario–it was the actual situation faced by one of our clients in Queensland and led to the supply of over 2,000 TVs to a mining company in a 3 year period.

Great service. Great prices. Great range

Why not become one of the growing number of organisations that already shop with Not only do we offer the convenience of online ordering backed by a dedicated Kogan for Business service team, you can have your items shipped directly to your door, office or even straight out to your customers.

You’re guaranteed to be satisfied with the services we offer, not to mention the huge savings.


Dedicated Kogan for Business team

Need help? Contact us for dedicated service from an experienced team based here in Australia.

A range big enough to take your breath away

You probably know that has a great range of TVsmobile phones, and perhaps even cameras. But what about top brand fashion productsGardening equipmentBedding? And, yes, even the kitchen sink. Choose from over 30,000 products in the range and benefit from a Kogan for Business account.

Tailored Solutions
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Customised Products
We can even custom build products for your exact needs.

Bulk Order
If you’re looking for a bulk order at a special price, Kogan for Business has you covered.

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