Gifts, incentives or just replacing products at branch level.


At we know it’s hard to tempt customers when you’re in the financial business, that’s why we provide the best value branded product incentives, eGift Cards, which have the appeal of the customer being able to buy what they choose.

Promotional items are out forte, with exceptional advantages on top of already low prices when you have a Kogan for Business account. Choose from everything from LED TVs to iPhones, cosmetics to kitchen appliances, perfumes to, (yes), even the kitchen sink. We’ve got the products suitable for any budget or audience matching your needs, or when you're running a promotion.

We save you money and serve you right

As you may have guessed, plenty of businesses have already discovered can help save money on a huge range of items to furnish and equip their premises.

If you want to buy better, and are struggling with budget confines, you’ll find that Kogan for Business can really make a difference.

Dedicated Kogan for Business team

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With management services through Kogan for Business, we can send products directly to recipients, saving your company time and money as your admin workers can focus on other tasks. You'll have no need to worry about storing stock, packaging or postage as we can do all that for you. Not just saving you money on the prizes and incentives themselves, but also cutting out all the hidden costs that can sneak up when running promotions.

eGift Cards
The perfect gift or reward for customers and staff.

Tailored Solutions
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Customised Products
We can even custom build products for your exact needs.

Bulk Order
Looking for a bulk order at a special price? We've have you covered.

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