Having a highly motivated and reliable team is invaluable to your business. The simple trick to this is to reward the positive behaviour that you then want others to replicate. Some people have a naturally stronger work ethic than others and will work hard without being prompted. Others need a little more motivation. We call it ‘catching people out doing the right thing'.

Create an achievable incentive, set realistic goals

With Kogan for Business by your side, we will work together to create an incentive that is achievable by all team members and thus set a uniform standard of work across the board.

First, we will look at what it is you want to achieve from your team. Is it an attempt to increase sales revenue? Is it an Occupational Health and Safety target? Or just trying to promote a happier attitude towards the work that needs doing? We will set concise goals and tailor an incentive to suit. With a reward to strive for, you are guaranteed to see the motivation of your employees increase, thus helping you achieve your long-term goals.

What our experience will mean for you

Our experienced team has worked for many years with companies both big and small, and trust us: we've done the legwork to know what is going to work. We are specialists in encouraging, exciting, motivating and energising your team. With a huge range of top quality items to choose from through Kogan.com as a thank you gift, your staff are going to be more than happy to put in the required effort!

Join us for an experience in employee motivation, where we can help you with common challenges:

  • Empower and encourage your team
  • Boost performance and results

  • Reward the correct behaviour or good efforts of an individual or group

  • Motivate and inspire moving forward

  • Instil these values deeply giving everyone a better work ethic

  • Run sales and performance incentives