As a charity, you'll be well aware that the money you do spend needs to be spent the right way.

Buying with means not only saving money on the items you buy, but no need for storage space or distribution solutions. We can send items directly to the recipient on your behalf, without anyone feeling embarrassment because it arrives like a normal delivery from a well-established national company.

Procurement made simple

With a Kogan for Business Account, you can take control of purchases that would normally be considered as petty cash, increase accountability, as well as saving time and money on administration by having the choice of either single or consolidated monthly reporting. With most items dispatched within 1-2 working days, you can’t go wrong.

We save you money and serve you right

As you may have guessed, plenty of businesses have already discovered can help save money on a huge range of items to furnish and equip their premises- or even save on holidays and travel.  And now, with a Kogan for Business Account keeping track of procurement and reducing administration is even easier.

If you want to buy better, and are struggling with budget confines, you’ll find Kogan for Business can really make a difference.

Dedicated Kogan for Business team

Need help and need it fast? If you’ve got a Kogan for Business account you’ll get dedicated service from an experienced team based here in Australia.

Business Account
Enjoy the many perks of being an account holder.

Gift Cards
The perfect gift or reward for customers and staff.

Customised Products
We can even custom build products for your exact needs.

Bulk Order
Looking for a bulk order at a special price? We've have you covered.

Contact us now to find out more about what we can do for you. Call 1300 304 333contact us or open a business account today.